About us


About us

Come in ! Welcome to Italy – Since 1990, Pizzeria Ristorante SCALETA has been welcoming you alla perfezione in a typical Italian atmosphere! Discover all’italiana conviviality and our authentic cuisine made with carefully selected ingredients. We look forward to your visit, a presto!

Our history

The first restaurant opened in 1990, in Blois. Other establishments subsequently sprang up in several towns in the Center region. Today, LA SCALETA has 9 restaurants and has established itself, in its 30 years of existence, as an ambassador of authentic Italian gastronomy.

Our product commitments

Engagements - Produits frais - La Scaleta

At “LA SCALETA”, only fresh and carefully selected ingredients find their way to your plate. Consult the origin of our products, you will be seduced !
« Before browning in the oven, our organic pizza dough sleeps for 48 hours. It is this rest period that makes our pizzas so light. »

Our pizza makers make ORGANIC pizza dough every day according to our homemade recipe, based on a mixture of organic Italian flour Iaquone made in the LAZIO region. It is only after having had a 48 hour siesta that the dough pieces are worked into the pizza of your choice. It is this extended standing time that makes the dough so light, airy and digestible. But we won’t tell you more. Ci dispiace !

« A very pleasant red wine that reveals itself with a complex bouquet, we discover notes of black cherries and almonds for an elegant profile. » PRIMITIVO BIO B.PUNTOIO, il vini referenza Pugliese!

LA SCALETA’s wine list is exclusively made up of Italian wines. Made from a refined selection to offer the widest range of flavors from the “la botte” regions, this menu is also made up of wines from organic farming.

« What, in Sardinia, has ancestral origins (17th century), is served here at the table. Matured for 12 months, our Pecorino Sardo PDO is worth gold. Incredibile ! »

The Pecorino Sardo A.O.P. is produced exclusively from whole sheep’s milk from the region of Sardinia and comes in two varieties : Dolce (fresh) and Maturo (refined) which differ in their manufacture, size, ripening and organoleptic characteristics.

The manufacturing process provides for the incorporation into whole sheep’s milk from the Zone of Origin, possibly thermized or pasteurized, lactic ferments derived from indigenous cultures which will cause the milk to coagulate from the calf rennet.

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The resulting dough will then be broken into pieces until you obtain curd grains the size of hazelnuts, for the « fresh » cheese and corn kernels for the « mature » cheese ; the cheese will then be dried and surrounded in a circular mold, different for each « fresh » and « matured » type. Once the whey has been drained, the cheese can be salted either by humidification or dry with relatively short salting times, however different for the two « fresh » and « matured » types. The cheeses are then placed for maturation (ripening) in specifically dedicated rooms, the temperature and humidity of which are controlled.

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« Our coffee is made with the best varieties of Arabica coffee from Central and South America from organic farming, with a mild and aromatic taste. »

The vita. The passion.

In Cellini establishments, green coffee, sourced from plantations all over the world, is mixed, produced and packaged with the utmost care, to become the ground or bean coffee that we have the pleasure of tasting every day.
All production processes are managed by a computerized system that guarantees constant control, but it is the great experience and passion of each person involved in the production that has made, over time, Cellini coffee the synonym of a very high quality.

Coffee beans are the seeds of an evergreen plant in the rubiaceae family, genus Coffea.
The genus Coffea includes about eighty species but the most important, from a commercial point of view, are two: Coffea Arabica said Arabica and Coffea Canephora said Robusta.

« Did you know that the burrata was created by chance by the Apulian mammas who, for lack of refrigerators, kept the butter in a mozzarella ball. This is how this fresh and creamy cheese specialty was born. »

Burrata is a form derived from mozzarella. Made from cow’s milk, it has a fat content of around 44% in dry mass. It’s shaped like a small purse, similar to its cousin’s, and a tender heart stuffed with cream and stracciatella-like mozzarella strands. Burrata is usually delivered short distances in vats of brine, without packaging, but it is also found in plastic bags, like mozzarella. In the past, the burrata was often wrapped in green leaves of asphodel (a perennial) which gave it a special taste. In Italian, burrata means « buttered », referring to the creamy consistency of the product.

Engagement qualité - Burrata - La Scaleta
Engagement qualité - Jambon de parme - La Scaleta

« It is in the heart of the province of Emilia Romagna that our Parma Ham is cured for at least 16 months! The world famous prosciutto di Parma is the denomination of origin of a ham produced in the only province of Parma in Italy. This appellation is commercially preserved via a PDO. Delizioso ! »

Parma ham DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin) is obtained from the legs of Italian pigs born, raised and slaughtered in the exclusive regions of the appellation (Emilia Romagna). Very strict specifications (total absence of additives and preservatives) and controlled by a very rigorous supervisory consortium provides for a minimum maturing of 12 months, and if it meets the required quality criteria, the ham is marked with the “Parma” crown with a hot iron. At “La SCALETA”, after maturing for 16 months, this ham is delicate and tender. To taste in very thin slices.

« With us the word quality is written in capital letters. Also, the cold cuts that we offer in our restaurants come exclusively from Italy. »

Our chicken, veal, beef and pork meats come exclusively from French production. Specialties such as cold meats come directly from Italy, from producers who have all our confidence. We are thus able to guarantee you high quality meat.

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